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Chronology and organization

- 2002 : initiation of the programme and setting up of the scientific committee
- 2003 : selection of research teams by the committee and beginning of research operations for a first batch of 13 teams (first phase)
- 2004 : beginning for the second batch of 7 teams (first phase)
- 2005 : mid-term evaluation by the sceintific committee and beginning of the second research phase
- 2006 : end of research operations and final evaluation by the committee
- 2007 : dissemination phase

Major actors (CICRED) :

Coordination : Francis Gendreau, then Christophe Z Guilmoto


Hartati Ayral, avec Silvia Huix

Information technology:

Pierre Chapelet


DGCID, Ministère des Affaires étrangères français.

Scientific committee : Pripode is overseen by a scientific committee whose functions are:
- preparation and dissemination of call for proposals
- examination and selection of research proposals
- reviewing the scientific progress of selected research teams

- Chairperson : George Martine (Ex-UNFPA)
- Vice-chairperson : Jacques du Guerny (formely FAO)
- Coordinator : Christophe Z Guilmoto (IRD/CICRED)
- Members : Paul Mathieu (FAO, Rome), Pierre Milleville (IRD, France), Charles Mueller (University of Brasilia, Brazil), Freddie Nachtergaele (FAO, Rome), Patrice Garin (CEMAGREF, Montpellier), Francis Gendreau (former coordinator PRIPODE), Alex de Sherbinin (CIESIN, Columbia University, New York), Dominique Tabutin (Université catholique de Louvain, Louvain-la-neuve)

Acknowledgments: The PRIPODE programme has been made thanks to the suppprt extended by Alfred Schwartz, Marie-Claire Petit-Perrin and Séverine Fogel of the French Ministère des Affaires étrangères.