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Dissemination activities

The year 2007 was entirely devoted to the dissemination and valorization of PRIPDOE research findings. These dissemination activities targeted in particular the research and policy communities.


International conference (Paris, Mars 2007) : major event organized by CICRED and bringing together the PRIPODE teams, researchers, activists and decision-makers.
National dissemination workshops (March-July 2007) : local workshops organized by PRIPODE teams towards the policy and scientific communities.
International scientific seminar (June 2007) : this scientific meeting was organized in Nairobi by CICRED with support from CIESIN and APRHC and focused on urban PDE issues. Participants (...)

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Booklet for the conference of UNESCO (February 2007) : summary of PRIPDOE research projects and their main findings.
Proceedings of the international colloquium (November 2007) : complete publication of research findings, other presentations by invited participants (local experience, synthesis, state of the art, etc), and reports of the round tables and the discussions held during the UNESCO meeting.
Policy papers : these three state of the art papers based on PRIPODE research findings were (...)

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