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The initial call for proposition left open issues related to methodologies and specific topics to be covered by research teams within the general framework of PDE interactions. As a result, teams were more often than not multidisplinary in spite of demography’s central role and this is due mostly to the diversity and complexity of interrelations between population dynamics and environment as understood by the PRIPODE programme. Among research teams, there are various disciplinary perspectives such as demography, economics, sociology or anthropology, geography, agronomy, soil science, statistics etc.

There is similarly a large spectrum of subtopics. Some aimed at population dynamics on a regional scale while other projects were based on specific environmental issues such the degradation in the forest cover or urban pollution. What remains common to most projects is the fact that they are based on intensive field work with various survey protocols used by research teams. Other materials have also been often used such census statistics, soil analysis, satellite imagery, spatial analysis etc.

Projects funded by PRIPODE programme have been conducted by institutions scattered all over the developing world in no less than 17 different countries: 1 in the Caribbean, 2 in Southeast Asia, 3 in the Arab region and 11 in Sub-Saharan Africa (including 4 in English-speaking Africa). This regional diversity is one indicator of PRIPODE’s success but it was also initially a real challenge for management purposes by CICRED.

List of research teams: